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Summer Summer our exciting Escort Lady from Hamburg! Summer is a sexy lady with hot curves like being out of a picture book. With her silky long hair and her expressive brown eyes, she understands it like no one else to wrap a man around her finger. Escort Lady Summer has an amazing charisma, lots of sex appeal and a stunning charm. With Summer you experience the passion - both elegant and discreet, but always mysterious. Her appearance, she is an absolute natural beauty with long legs, a sweet face and a dreamlike beautiful smile. This adventurous young escort lady enjoys jogging to keep her body 0
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Alicia Alicia, the vivacious Escort-Lady from Hamburg ... Do experience with Alicia and her charisma an extraordinary time, which’s magic let fade you everything around. Alicia is a young, spontaneous and experimental lady. With her different facets of eroticism, which may quite contain some animal components, you will definitely be surprised. Her stunning body, her graceful movements, her velvety hair and her beautiful big brown eyes will delight you. Alicia approaches things with an incredibly refreshing openness. For these lady counts only the moment, every meeting is different marked by erotic 0
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Viktoria You should let yourself be seducing by a beautiful Lithuanian ... Few years ago,Victoria was travelling around the world as a professional model. But now she travels just for fun. As a cosmopolitan Victoria knows exactly what she wants, has many interests and the relevant overview, even the perfect companion for any occasion. Victoria besides you, with her elegant appearance and charisma, than every gentleman will really be flattered. After all, successful men are the lifeblood of this Escort Victoria, because they have the knowledge to deal with a sophisticated, stylish and well-educated la0
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Naemy Our Escort Lady Naemy lets men’s heart beat higher! Naemy does many sports and is very interested in foreign cultures. Enjoy the profoundly life of an attractive lady! This lady is a grace between the Charisma Escort Ladies, who offers a lot with her stunning long legs. Try the company of a very open-minded young lady who are including both a glamorous sex appeal and the racy temperament of a well-bred Southerner. Naemy likes to wear stylish lingerie in which she looks magical. Together with our Escort Lady Naemy, you will experience a spectacular and unforgettable time. Escort Lady Naemy wi0
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Sophia Sophia the breath-taking Escort lady from Hamburg … She is a high-class young lady who likes to explore new paths of love-making and desire. Her passion is her complex emotion from softly to wildly. Escort lady Sophia is many-sided in every respect and likes to experiment. Generous and also very stylish is Sophia an absolute etiquette expert and the perfect company of Charisma Escort. Sophia is a wonderful person to talk to, who will entertain you with charisma and esprit in pleasant manner. Her passion is ingenious lingerie which she will love to present you at your date. Follow Sophia into0
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Adriana Our Escort-Lady Adriana of Bremen!!! Adriana is an absolutely fascinating young spirited woman with a lot of charm. Her assets are the sensuous lips, the full hair, the bright eyes, and her very female but natural bust. In addition, her cosmopolitan and enthusiastic nature will change every encounter into something unique. Adriana is a young, intelligent lady who loves to learn new things. Curious and always looking for that little kick she can hardly wait to see what comes next. As open as devotedly she experiences also love and eroticism. There is not much that Adriana would not try. Who k0
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Fernanda Fernanda from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg ... As beautiful as her name is also her charisma! This power woman with long black hair, and sexy full lips, has a lot of style and an instinct for the perfect form of enjoyments. With an Escort-Model like Fernanda, your desire for more will be arouse immediately. If you just touch her soft, delicate skin with your fingertips and give yourself to her hot kissing –this is French kissing totally, while doing your lust of sex will more than fulfilled. With a tender, seductive smile, you will be captivated by this young Escort-Lady, because sensuality,0
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Evita Our Escort-Lady Evita, an incredibly sensual young woman ... who has a gorgeous figure, erotic charisma and character, she will astound you. Evita is a perfect Latina who makes an impression that everybody will be remember for long time. As a Latina Evita loves to dine in fine restaurants, while she enjoys the perfect evening with a bottle of wine and a demanding conversation. Evita is a passionate, sensual woman, classically elegant and extremely clever. While flirting with the gentleman opposite her, she loves it mysterious, to be tempting and feminine. She is the epitome of lightness and p0
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Lucia Lucia our sweet seduction in Hamburg ... She is a wonderful young lady indeed. Refreshingly, light and sparkling like a glass of champagne, agile and dynamic as the merry-goings, in the sense of blossoming life of a girl. Be inspired and enjoy with Lucia the perfect escort date. Touch the delicate skin of this almost innocent-looking escort lady that never denies herself, but who has  a distinctive sense of sex, tenderness  up to dirty fantasies, which should lived up. Lucia is a passionate, sensual and very girlish-looking lady. In her presence, you will feel comfortable from the start. Thi0
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Emilia Emilia is a beautiful young escort lady  … .. with long brown hair and amber-colored eyes, who also likes beautiful lingerie to put her dream body in scene. She is petite, but sporty with a sense of good discussions. Emilia shows as attractive may be the combination of intelligence and passion. She does not only work out a lot of sport or looking for relaxation in Pilates and yoga, but she is just as versatile interested in everything that life offers her. Although could act this beauty at start a bit decent to you, but deep inside Emilia slumber passionate emotions. Especially if a man cares0
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Kate Kate, our winsome lady from Berlin ... is a very charming person. According to her hearty laughter, she always spread out good humour and cheerfulness. Escort Lady Kate is a broker and a model and keeps her fantastic body in shape with fitness. Kate is a cosmopolitan, intelligent and sporty Escort Lady who loves travelling just as she loves the finer things in life. She is an absolutely elegant and glamorous appearance that sympathetic glances at you will be guarantee! The feminine presence of our Escort Lady from Berlin induces everybody to dream of intimate togetherness. In addition, this 0
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Laura Our Escort Lady Laura from Hamburg! Laura is a young woman fascinating with spirit and charm. Her good qualities, like the sensual lips, full hair, bright eyes, the female measurement, her liberal nature and her ability to get enthusiastic ensures that every meeting will be something special. Laura is a trainee who loves to get to know new things. She is curious and always looking for the certain kick; she can hardly expect what comes next. Just as openly as devoted, she experiences love and eroticism. There is nothing that Laura would not try. Who knows, maybe you also still have unfulfille0
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Michelle Michelle from Hanover ... is a lovely, charming and attractive young lady with gorgeous blue eyes, long blond hair and a sensational figure. Michelle enjoys at all pleasant things that life has to offer. Her sense of aesthetics reflects in her well looked after, athletic body and her stylish wardrobe. This beautiful lady appreciates the active seduction. Abandon yourself to the beautiful Michelle and experience a hot intermezzo, which need not necessarily take place only on conventional places. Michelle will enchant you with a slightly approaching flirt, surrounded by good conversation abo0
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Nellie In the company of Nellie, you will carry away! Passion and devotion are Nellie’s special advantages which she will love to experience with you. As a merry person, she appreciates every new day that she enjoys fully with every beat of her heart. Escort Lady Nellie will touch you softly with hands, mouth and tongue, until your arising desires cannot wait any longer for the highlight of the evening. Nellie owns a lot of flexibility, that she reached by dancing. A real plus, which allows a lot of space for various erotic games. Let you and Nellie forget the time for a couple of ours. You will di0
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Rebecca With Rebecca, you stroll in the intoxication of passion! Passion and curiosity are Rebecca’s advantages that she would like to experience with you. She is a fun-loving person who enjoys and appreciates each day to the fullest! Escort-Lady Rebecca touches you tenderly with her hands; mouth and tongue until you ask for more to feverishly look together forward to the highlight of the evening. Her mobility leaves room for many special erotic games. Do forget the time for a few hours and dive with Rebecca in a sensual seductive world, where both drop together to celebrate unforgettable witty as se0
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Miriam Our Escort Lady Miriam lets men’s hearts beating higher! Miriam loves to do sports and is very interested in fashion and lifestyle. Just enjoy the profound way of life of a wonderful lady! This lady is a grace between the charisma Escort Ladies and has to offer absolutely something with her wonderful long legs. Amuse yourself in the company of a very feminine, young lady with a beguiling sex appeal and fantastic eyes that will take your senses.Miriam is very keen of elegant erwear in which she looks simply enchanting. Additional to that she has beautiful eyes as well as fantastically long hai0
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July Our Escort-Lady July is a glorious sunshine... She has a female figure, erotic charm and character that will take your breath. July is a passionate Escort-Lady who leaves flair in her sphere that will everyone stay in memory for long. By her fun-loving and open way, you are forgetting your professional everyday life very quickly. Our Escort-Model July is a sporty young lady who would like best attending to her hobby diving every free minute. She is interested in many things and in the first minute of your encounter, you will get the feeling that you have known each other for long. In a flirta0
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Lilly Lilly our charming Escort-Lady from Hamburg … One attractive Escort-Lady beyond measure from the beautiful Hanseatic town Hamburg. Lilly seems to catch and carry you away in her spontaneity, activity and energy. Absolutely none erotic desire will be left open, cause this stunning lady loves tender to very wild sex. Kisses and sensuality are a must, as Lilly is spoiling and enjoying out of pure passion. Fullfill a dream of passion, grace and experimental erotic. Enjoy the heavenly game with our Escort-Lady Lilly, who understands to inflame a devilish fire in you ...
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Joleen Our charming Escort-Lady Joleen from Hamburg She is an exceedingly attractive Escort-Lady with a stunning appearance! This Lady, who loves challenges, appears as one through and through energetic, fun-loving person. She is very ambitious intercultural & therefore has no fear of adventures. Her favorite passions are traveling, fashion and shopping. Even if Joleen is very gentle, she is after all an Escort-Lady full of energy and strength. Her very erotic charisma lets a man freeze immediately. She has such a strong loving charisma that this presence does not tolerate any contradiction. No0
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Giselle Giselle our young Escort-Lady from Hannover ... is a sensual woman of natural wit. Due to her feminine nature, she enchants with unconventional discussions, and tenderly wild eroticism. Escort-Lady Giselle understands not only to capture you with her humor and charm, but enchants by her lively charisma. She is gorgeous Escort-Lady that proves the sense of erotic seductively through empathy. Giselle has various talents and is multi-faceted in her nature. Her passion is among other things the modeling, which she has to thank for a stunning, firm body. Giselle is a striking appearance at a dinn0
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Cecile With Cecile, you will be inflamed with passion Passion and dedication are Cecile\'s benefits that she would like to share with you. She is a cheerful person who enjoys and appreciates each day to the fullest! Do forget the time for a few hours, by diving with Cecile in a sensual, seductive world where you both celebrate unforgettable, witty and aphrodisiac moments together. Cecile is a very sporty, elegant and open-minded woman. She is lively, unconventional, has objectives and knows how to reconcile masterly her career with fun. Perhaps like even you, Cecile strives for pleasure in her life0
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Welcome to Charisma-Escort,

the exclusive Escort and accompanying service in Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Hannover and many other cities. You are longing for to forget the business life, want to enjoy the evening with an attractive and charming companion?
You are loving an elegant and top-class relaxation?
Then you are at the right place with us! Our Ladies and Gentlemen offer you a top-class-standard of discretion and elegant lifestyle.

Charisma Escort are representing first-class Escort, Ladies as well as Gentlemen, all over Germany in all big cities, it does not make any difference where your vacation or your business trip leads you - you may not spend lonely days or nights at a hotel.
If you want to, our Ladies or Gentlemen awaiting you fully of longing at your destination. In many cities of Germany, for example in Hamburg, Bremen,Hannover, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt or Berlin, our charismatic Ladies and Gentlemen are expecting you.
Also in towns like Hannover, Bremen and Stuttgart, where business shows taking place, and other smaller cities like Lbeck, Kiel, Essen or Baden-Baden be assured of a charming companion.
Enjoy a top class Escortservice with style and charisma.

Book an attractive companion about Charisma-Escort in Germany, however, also Europe and Worldwide. Forget the everyday life in the passionate embrace of an erotic woman or an attactive man provided by Charisma Escort.

We defenitly taking care to fullfill your wishes and imaginations.

To guarantee you a meeting with your desired lady or gentleman, our agency recommending a timely reservation, because all needing a carfully planning to make appointments, due to their professional activities.
Please, find more about our reservations in FAQ.

You are able to reach our Escort agency by calling from 10:00h to 22:00h. Your e-mail will be answered within 12 hours.


Escort Hamburg - Charisma - Escort Service Hamburg

Escort Hamburg is able to offer one complete wellness package. Ranging from the cute Escort Ladies and Gentlemen, to the great goals, which can be privided by Escort Hamburg .
The brilliance of the seaport city of Hamburg is not only its Escort Service Hamburg, no, it has even more great highlights as a surprise. Escort Hamburg will lead you not only to the famous tourist attractions such as the Michel, Reeperbahn and the Alster.

You also will win a great view into th real life of the city Hamburg.Do feel the ambience of a bustling metropolis. The Escort Hamburg will keep you right in the middle and not only in the bargain.

We are looking forward to you!


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