This website is an advertising platform for providers of escort services.

General: Charisma Events does not provide an illegal, against public policy or immoral service. The payment is exclusively for the temporary company of the escort model. Nothing else is a part of this contract.


Charisma Escort is a platform for providers of escort service. The payment refers to the booked time of companionship with the escorts. It is not a compensation for certain services or a certain service of the ladies. The fee will be handed over to the escort model cash in an envelope at the beginning of the date. So you can relax and spend enjoyable time together.


We guarantee that your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. The minimum of booking time are 2 hours. We kindly ask you to understand that for new clients it is necessary to pay 30% in advance either for a booking “Overnight” or the model has to travel at minimum 100 km. In order to guarantee you a date with your desired lady or gentleman, our agency recommends that you make an early reservation, as all escorts having jobs so that it is necessary to schedule their appointments carefully. Of course our team tries to implement short-term requests to your satisfaction.


If, for important professional or personal reasons, you are unable to meet the deadline, we ask you to inform us immediately. We would be happy to rearrange your date for a later appointment. In the case of cancellation of an appointment at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit will be refunded. For less than 24 hours we will keep 50% of the deposit as a payment or as a credit for a later booking.

Travel bookings are subject to cancellation protection, as the cost of booked flight or train tickets is not reimbursed by the travel companies, or will refund only as an exception.


An extension of your date with one of our escorts is usually possible without problems, but of course, depending on the further availability of the lady. Please hand over the additional fee for the extended date just before. Please do not be irritated, if the lady informs us right now by sms about the extension, this is standard for the security of our ladies.


There may be delays, please do inform us at least 45 minutes in advance. If, however, the lady is on time but you forgot to inform us, we have to charge you totally for the time of waiting. Therefore, the start of the appointment is identically with the time agreed by you.


If, after starting an appointment, you are unable to spend your entire booked time with your chosen lady because you are called for an unforeseeable business appointment, we ask you to pay our lady for the current time spent together. At least 2 hours are charged in the booked category.
If, at the beginning of your appointment, you immediately notice a lack of liking or the lady does not meet your expectations, you can of course terminate the appointment immediately. In this case, the agreed fee is not applicable, but we ask you to pay the lady for her drive.


The basis of the contract are the general terms and conditions listed here. The contract may be concluded verbally, by phone or in writing, in the case of approval. The contract language is German and, if necessary, English. In the case of a multi-day booking or a travel companionship, a written acceptance, in the form of an SMS or e-mail, is necessary.


Charisma Escort guarantees an absolute discretion to the customer. All personal data available to the Agency will be treated confidentially and used only for the purpose of processing the order. In return, we expect the client to provide us with the same discretion and to keep the data known to him confidential. Furthermore, our ladies do not pass on their private telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. The contact is made exclusively by Charisma Escort.


Please keep the fee for your escort lady in an envelope and hand it over at the beginning of the rendezvous.

Um Diskretion zu wahren, erscheint auf Ihre Abrechnung nur der Name AGENTUR. Bei Zahlung per Kreditkarte erfolgt eine zuzügliche 5% Bearbeitungsgebühr.

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