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Tips and Advices

We advise every gentleman to go through some important questions and, in the best case, to answer them before choosing the escort ladies.

  • Set up in advance how long the date should be. We recommend to leave some room, as it is very common that customers can not get enough of the escort lady and would like to extend the date
  • At least you set up a rough limit for yourself
  • Do express yourself about the escort lady’s outfit
  • Make yourself clear about the kind of erotic game you definitely do not want to miss
  • Every man has a certain look that he prefers. Hair, eye make-up – you may make up your mind
  • Go inside yourself and let us know what kind of appearance you like about an escort lady. Requiring, restrained or humorous? Remember, you are the boss and just need to say what you like

Like we can confirm from our own experiences are many gentlemen more open with an escort lady or with the receptionist of an escort agency than with their own partner. In a conversation with an unknown person it is not that complicated for them to speak about their erotic imaginations and preferences. Our accomplished manageresses at the telephone who doing the booking, are always very nice and very obliging. They do own an extreme sensitiveness and are talented to discuss professionally a touchy subject.

No false shame! Do speak out unselfconsciously what ever you want to say. You should not be shy! As honest you are and as exact you express your expectations for the date, it is more sufficient for us to realise your request!

If you want to make sure by yourself that the selected lady will take her time just for you on this day, then it easy to realise by booking a longer time. So you can be sure that the escort lady has not been with another client before. It can happen too, that a client who does not like to share, has an agreement with the agency not to arrange dates of the desired lady for a longer time, that the lady will be only available for him as his exclusive model.

  • Be knightly and smart, because women do love imaginative gentlemen
  • Enjoy an intensive sexual prelude
    Good things come to those who wait. You should imagine your counterpart as a menu with 5 courses then as a fast food outlet.
  • Live just for the moment!
    Planning can be a benefit for a smooth episode, but you should not go over the top. To be spontaneous is the key for an exquisite time.
  • Be relaxed!
    Stress never helped while having a rendezvous. The lady in your companionship will realise intuitive, when you are totally relaxed. In this way the tête à tête will experience an intoxicating authenticity.

Demanding luxury lady, lively teeny girl or beautiful model – the type of the female escort does only take an effect on the erotical service, but on the activities together, too.


With a distinguished lady, you should go out to a noble place. Do show your best table manners and pay attention to the lady in classic way. With little gifts, you will capture her heart: flowers, jewels, chocolates or perfume will let the demanding lady be getting wax in your hands.


Teeny girls want to have action! Clubbing or concerts are recommended. Do change the night into day! The vital and lively girls will thank you in your hotel suite.


Together with our beautiful models you will stand in the centre of the scene. They pay a lot attention to how they are looking like, a good reason to have sportive activities or you both enjoy a wellness weekend. Very favoured too: vegetarian food!